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Here you will find all the official stuff, including how to get in touch with us.

We are a Charity........

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As a registered charity, we are required to follow the Charity Commission rules and regulations, and to put into them details of our finances etc.
Look us up on the Charity Commission website.
Charity number 520283

Our AGM is to be held in November, exact date time and place will be advertised locally at least 3 weeks beforehand.

We have been fortunate in getting grants and donations to help us improve the site, and repair some of the equipment that either needed repairs beyond our skillset, or needed totally replacing.

Local volunteers have been a lifeline, in this area as well, we could not do without them. We wish to thank them all very much for their time and efforts, we are so appreciative of your help in all areas, working on the site, fabricating, welding, emptying bins regularly, tending the new flower tubs, litter picking, baking, helping erect and dismantle gazebos for our events, getting prizes for the tombolas and games, running stalls at our events, planning routes for the bike ride, taking photos, donating food and raffle prizes etc.

The list is long, please forgive us if we have left you out.

Our Policies and Procedures and other official stuff can be found on the next page.

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Alston Moor
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