Helping raise money for the Fairhill
Like the Big Lottery says "You have to be in it to win it" If you are not in our Lottery, please sign up.
The Lottery runs from April to December every year.





Not drawn yet


Not drawn yet


Membership will cost £10 per annum and will run for the term of the lotto draw (9 months)

Membership will entitle the member to one number in the Fairhill Lotto for that year of membership.

Members can hold more than one lotto number on payment of the requisite fee of £10 per number

A List of Friends of Fairhill will be listed on the Fairhill website (just names, no personal data.) unless they request not to be named by ticking the appropriate box on the application form.

Numbers will be drawn by the committee and no one can select their number in advance. Members will be advised of their number/s by email or telephone. A  list of the winning numbers are shown on the website - on this page and on the home page.

• If 50 numbers sold the prize money, will consist of 8 months with a prize of £10 for the winning number drawn and one month (December of each year) the prize will be £100

• If 70 numbers are sold the prize money for the 8 months excluding December will be increased to £20.

• If 100 numbers are sold the prize money for the months excluding December will be increased to £20. December will remain at £100 1st prize but a 2nd prize of £50 will be added.

• If more than 100 numbers sold an additional £10 per month will be added to the months April to November as a second prize.

• The ‘lotto’ will commence for the April 2021 draw, providing at least 50 members have joined. If 50 members have not joined the Lotto will commence as soon as 50 members do join.

• All numbers will be included in each monthly draw.

• Draws will take place monthly, with an independent person making the draw and the result emailed to those on email and posted in Mad Hatters for all others. Winners will also be posted on this website, on both this page and the home page.

Prize winners will be contacted, and prize money must be collected within 60 days, or the prize will be forfeited and added to Fairhill funds.


Please take cash or cheque to either Mad Hatters Hardware or pay online via BACS

Bank transfers to Alston Recreation Ground
Sort 20-40-09 Acc number 60060224
Please give your name as the reference.

Please enter either MadHatters or BAC whichever is appropriate.


• All money to be held by the Treasurer of the ARG.

• Once the Lotto has started, no new numbers will be issued, however new memberships can be taken, and they will be entitled to join the following years lotto at no extra cost. • All profits will go to the upkeep of the Alston Recreation ground.

• The promoter will be the Treasurer.

• Lotto Licence is held with Westmorland and Furness Council number L238 • A Lotto return will be sent to Westmorland and Furness Council at the end of each Lotto season.

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